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I'm wasting my life.

2008-05-22 12:38:09 by hankness

I totaly waste entire years on Halo and timesplitters. just got the timesplitters 2 completed in hard mode... (or my brother did).. and got a infinite ammo cheat. just boring after 1 hour.................but if you have boring just put it in the gamecube and play as monkey with dual shotguns or dual P-90's or AK-47's....... or just blast their head of with a Russian 12-Gauge. or a sniper rifle... or burn them with a classic Flamethrower. or dual Luger P-108. or an MK-23. or... ok I will stop now......

please comment!


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2008-05-24 14:17:24

you now all teh weapons name.

hankness responds:

^^ yeeah! I figured them out at your house.